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אירוע זיכרון - 70 שנה לפוגרום קילצה

The Conference - 9th May 2016, Kielce, in the building of former synagogue




10.00 Beginning

Leading: Andrzej Białek, Director of the Institute for the Culture of Encounter and Dialogue

Welcome: Bogdan Białek, the chairman of Jan Karski Society

Introduction: Michael Schudrich, the Chief Rabbi of Poland

Introduction: Fr Jan Piotrowski, the Bishop of Kielce Diocese

10.30 First Part „The Spiritual Dimensions of Forgiveness and Mercy”

Introduction and leading: Prof. Bożena Saynok


Archbishop Henryk Muszyński, the Primate Senior

Rabbi Abraham Skórka

Fr Wacław Hryniewicz, Professor Emeritus of KUL

12.00 Break

12.30 Second Part „And Show Us Our Guilty... The Politics and Remorse”

Introduction and leading: Fr Tomasz Dostatni OP

Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz, former Prime Minister of Polish Government

Ewa Juńczyk-Ziomecka , former Minister in the President Lech Kaczyński Office, the participant of the 60 anniversary of Kielce Pogrom

Wojciech Lubawski, the Mayor of Kielce, the participant in the last 10 anniversaries of Kielce Pogrom

13.15 Third Part - The giving award „The Man of Reconciliation” to Rabbi Abraham Skórka

Introduction and leading: Fr Grzegorz Michalczyk, Vicepresident of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews

Laudation: Bogdan Białek, Co-president of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews

14.00 Break

15.30 Screening of the movie „Bogdan’s Journey”

This is the full-lenght documentary, american-polish co-production (partly founded by Polish Institute of Film Art). It’s about the Kielce Pogrom and about the way to reconciliation.

17.15 Fourth Part „The Ways to Reconciliation - Testimonies”

Introduction and leading: Zbigniew Nosowski, Editor-in-chief of „Więź”


Mikołaj Krawczyk, Jew coming from Kielce

Andrzej Saramowicz, Muslim coming from Kielce

Wojciech Eichelberger, therapeutist and buddhist

Rabbi Joel Chaim Nowicki

Fr Henryk Paprocki, orthodox theologian

Fr Manfred Deselears, catholic priest who works in Oświęcim

18.45 the end of conference

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